Corpse Cable for Beyerdynamic T1 / T5p - 1/8" Plug - 4ft


  • $258.00

Sorry, this item is no longer available; we left this page up for reference only.

Hand-made custom headphone replacement cable fits Beyerdynamic T1 & T5 (2nd Generation) audiophile headphones.

Needing to use a shorter headphone cable for your cans with a plug to fit a 'mini' 3.5 mm jack on your headphone amplifier, computer, smartphone or tablet? This excellent 4ft replacement cord from Montana's Corpse Cable is long enough to provide ample wiggle room at your desk while still short enough to avoid dreaded cable tangles when listening on the move.

The Corpse Cable 4ft headphone replacement cable employs the superb Mogami W2893 cable braid and high-end Eidolic headphone connectors with a stereo Neutrik 3.5mm gold plug termination, so absolutely no corners have been taken in maximum build quality. Slick built-in strain relief and tidy heat-shrink work protect all terminations. Cardas quad eutectic solder throughout. For easy channel reference, the headphone connector plugs show a bit of subtle red and black color identifying the left / right hook-ups.

All Corpse Cable Mogami Headphone Cables are fully guaranteed for 3 years against any defects in material parts or quality of workmanship.

Corpse Cable offers superbly well-made, affordable quality headphone replacement cables and upgrade cords along with a great array of audio adapters and interconnects.  All Corpse Cable products are stringently manufactured and terminated by hand at their facility in Bozeman Montana USA.