Corpse Cable provides a limited, lifetime warranty on our GraveDigger Cable products to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing.

We kinda get a bit queasy every time we hear about some or another "super high-end" headphone cable breaking for seemingly no apparent reason (yeah, we get complaints about other people's stuff sometimes!!). No doubt it's frustrating to spend a chunk of change on a premium headphone cord or an audiophile interconnect cable only to have a channel go out suddenly, or a termination fails during regular use. At Corpse Cable, we have decided the buck stops here.

Our Corpse Cable "Till Death Do Us Part" free manufacturer's warranty stands behind every GraveDigger cord and interconnect we make. For as long as you own your Corpse Cable GraveDigger product, we will stand behind our craftsmanship, solder joint work, or any other defect in workmanship with our free' repair or replace' policy for life. It's just our way to prove that Corpse Cable GraveDigger products are seriously "Built To Last' Til You're Six Feet Under."

Please note the Corpse Cable GraveDigger' free repair or replace' product warranty does not cover accidents, wear & tear, or other inflicted damage. So hungry pets chewing on the cable or connectors, or running over the cord during office chair races, or suffering a bent plug from undue strain or sharp jerks (both the mechanical kind and your cubicle mate) unfortunately can not be covered by our policy.

In essence, if a Corpse GraveDigger product shows no apparent signs of misuse or abuse, including cables that have been excessively kinked, modified, or changed anywhere other than the Corpse Cable factory, etc... we will repair or replace it for free for as long as you own it. Yep, we said free, gratis, no charge, on the cuff. Buyer pays for shipping the defective cable to our Corpse Cable facilities in Bozeman Montana USA. We'll send it back to you ASAP on our dime.

The Corpse Cable GraveDigger product warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original owner only. Proof of purchase is required, so please hang on to your Corpse Cable receipt. Please note that after-market resale voids the GraveDigger free repair warranty.