Incredible Value, Construction & Performance

Discoveries are made by those who got there first.  Although perhaps too often, discoveries seem to get credited to those who got there loudest or with the most flash.  Here at Corpse Cable in Montana USA, the only flashy thing we do is make amazing high-performance headphone cables that allow your best headphones to show you what they really got.  And we don't beat you over the ears with crazy-expensive pricing just to show off like some other cable places.  We think one listen to our top-of-the-line Corpse GraveDigger audiophile headphone cable will prove it to you beyond any doubt.  Thanks to our decades of headphone industry experience at high-end headphone shops, Corpse Cable knows precisely how to deliver superb sound quality and terrific value those other slicksters can only think about.

The Corpse Cable GR∀EDIGGER is freshly embalmed with our maniacally obsessive construction methodologies, top-shelf raw materials and superior strain-relief work that simply no else can match.  We use a high-conductivity connectors lovingly black-wedded to our top-of-the-line GraveDigger cable featuring Litz 4x24 wiring with fully shielded enameled copper conductors.  The Corpse GraveDigger Cable build employs the precise Cardas ‘Golden Ratio’ concept and everything is painstakingly joined together with aquifer-pure Cardas eutectic solder.  The external sheathing of the Corpse GraveDigger Cable has a smoothly rubberized Alcryn cover that lightens the weight while minimizing induced cable noise or microphonics to deliver our famous Corpse Cable ‘Dead Flat. Dead Quiet’ audio performance.

Of course, the ultimate proof for the listener is in the (audio) pudding, so anyone conducting headphone performance shootouts between our Corpse GraveDigger Cables and other much more expensive cables is likely to wonder where all the extra money went on cables that just don’t sound as good as ours.  Yes, the stock headphone cords that came with your cans are decent but our Corpse GraveDigger Cable design vastly improves on both the overall durability as well as the sonic performance by using only the very best raw materials and most painstaking build methodologies possible.  We’re kinda like humble Old Masters of cables, creating works of headphone cable art in our remote Montana mountain lab that allow music lovers to bathe in the pure musical light of their beloved cans.  OK, maybe that's a bit too much arty daydreaming.  But once you hear the Corpse Cable GraveDigger audio art in action for yourself, don't be surprised to have your own inscrutable Mona Lisa smile plastered across your face.


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