CORPSE CABLE – ‘Always Dead Accurate’

History of Corpse Cable

At Corpse Cable, we have a singular claim to fame. We are always Dead Accurate.

In a distant galaxy long ago and far away, Corpse Cable began as the fevered dream of Travis Johnston, a Montana-based professional musician, multi-instrumentalist and gentleman scientist deeply infatuated by music, audio and electronics.

Years of repairing defective instrument cables for friends and bandmates while plying the audio electronics trade at local companies like Gibson Acoustic Guitars, Headphone.com and HeadRoom Corporation naturally led Travis to start Corpse Cable.

Corpse Cable now manufactures exclusive headphone replacement cables for all the top audiophile headphone brands along with sweet adapters and interconnects ready to handle all your headphone audio cable needs.

Why Corpse Cable?

Corpse Cable makes the best headphone upgrade cables, interconnects and audio adapters hand-crafted one at a time by highly experienced artisans who prize quality and attention to detail above all else. And we do it at the best price possible. It’s really that simple.

Corpse Cable uses only reference Cardas and Mogami cabling proven to stand the test of time with excellent braid durability designed to deliver many years of dependable performance. We use only top-quality connectors. And we do it all with a painstaking build quality at an extremely fair price.

Corpse Cable has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the electronics and headphone audio industry. We know all about your headphones and how to best re-wire them for fully maximized acoustic performance.

Our years of dedicated headphone cable work means we know a thing or two about the insides of popular high-end headphones. We also know what works and what doesn’t. We strive hard to deliver the best possible sound value and extract top musical performance from your favorite high-end headphones.

Our drive for complete cabling perfection doesn’t just stop with the sale. All Corpse Cable products are fully guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials from date of sale. Just send it back and we’ll fix any issues at no charge during the free warranty period. No fuss, no muss, no hassle.

About Corpse Cable

Corpse Cable is headquartered above Bozeman Montana USA at a big sky altitude of 6,200ft up a woodsy mountain pass.

All Corpse Cable cabling and termination work is performed by hand at our own facility.

Corpse Cable is owned and operated by Travis Johnston, aka Mr. Johnny Corpse.

So why the Corpse moniker, you might rightfully ask? Safe to say with all those long gigs and late nights, rock n rollers can often develop a serious pallor. Johnny Corpse and Corpse Cable was born deep in the wee hours with a fistful of braided audiophile Cardas cable in hand and a hot eutectic solder gun at the ready.

Corpse Cable is always dead flat, dead quiet and dead accurate. Lay down some killer sound with Corpse Cable!