Corpse Cable ✦ GR∀EDIGGER ✦ Made In USA

Corpse Cable and Cardas Audio team up to create the ultimate headphone cable at the ultimate price.

At Corpse Cable we realize that you have a vast array of choices when it comes to top-shelf headphone cabling. We know this because we’ve tried basically every cable brand out there – and there’s a lot of ‘em! So when we decided to partner with Cardas Audio and offer our Corpse GraveDigger headphone cable using the Cardas ‘Golden Ratio’ design, it was the end result of many hours of  dedicated ears-on research. We needed to know what really sounded the best before we could provide it to our customers.

Of course, Cardas cabling is world famous for delivering pristine sound quality without coloration and with full musical detail & presence intact. Their proprietary ‘Golden Ratio’ formula for maximizing signal transmission clarity remains one of the most enduring cable braids in the industry and it’s pretty easy to hear why: Cardas Golden Ratio universally rates among the best manufactured, most durable and clearest-sounding cable interconnect designs available today. And it’s 100% made in the USA.

Once we finally married up our own Corpse Cable build concepts with the Cardas Golden Ratio construction and came up with the Corpse GraveDigger Cardas headphone cable, we did a little jig like no one was looking – we just knew we had us a winner. Not only will the GraveDigger outlast any other cable in the industry given our unmatched "Til Death Do Us Part" Corpse Cable warranty (“Built To Last Until You’re Six Feet Under!”), but the GraveDigger headphone cable is also amazingly pliable and flexible for easy routing thanks to our Alcryn black matte rubber jacketing surrounding the braid. Other cables use stiff polyethylene, urethane or PVC/neoprene for the outer sheathing, but we found nothing works like lightweight Alcryn to enable effortless routing anywhere you need your headphone cable to go. The Corpse GraveDigger Cardas headphone cable is indeed ‘Dead Serious’ and ‘Dead Accurate’ – but not dead stiff!

The Corpse Cable GraveDigger internal Litz 4×24 wire braiding features fully shielded enameled copper conductors so the audio performance rates extremely high for clean transparency and superior ultra-low microphonics. That means you won’t hear annoying extraneous headphone cable noise during those quiet pianissimo parts of your favorite recordings.

As always, we encourage you to compare our GraveDigger headphone cable performance and sound quality against much more expensive headphone cords. Just please be sitting down when you do it. May The Corpse Be With You!


Cardas GraveDigger copper is made in the USA in a proprietary method. The copper is slow drawn using diamond dies then it is run through an annealing oven to burn off additional impurities. The machines used are custom made for this application and an SPN coating is applied to prevent aging and oxidation. Purity is 99.9999% or better.

Contact us detailing your particular job request and a Corpse Cable sales expert will get back to you with a price quote, lead time, and specific shipping information right away.