Custom Corpse Cable

OK, so you’ve measured the exact distance your high-end headphones need to go from your stereo system all the way out to the couch.  You’ve accounted for wayward cable routing around corners and going over/under coffee tables and past sleeping dogs.  Perhaps you’ve even figured in a little head movement to & from if you enjoy some (literally) laid-back listening.  Whew, that almost became complex math.

Or maybe you only want a really tidy short cable length for desktop, computer or portable use instead of the long tow-strap run that originally came with your beloved audiophile cans.

In any case, we got you covered.  Corpse Cable located in beautiful Bozeman Montana USA specializes in custom jobs built one at a time by hand to suit your specific needs.

Simply shoot us an email detailing your particular job request including the cable (GR∀EDIGGER or Mogami) type you want to use with the cable length, headphone connector choice and source "plug" connector type desired.  We’ll get immediately to work building a specialized work of headphone cable audio art just for you.

Corpse Cable has access to a wide variety of stereo 1/4”, mini 1/8” and XLR/balanced plug types and we can work with many recent high-end headphones.  However, please contact us to ensure we can indeed service your particular headphones.  We’ll also troubleshoot any potential cable issues you’re experiencing as well.

As ever, we confidently stand behind what we make with our Corpse Cable workmanship warranty.  One simple caveat, please: Note all Corpse Cable ‘special order’ custom jobs are non-returnable with no exchanges allowed.

We have been making audiophile headphone cables for well over a decade now and we know no one makes better cables for better prices.  At Corpse Cable, we’re always 100% ‘Dead Serious’ about being ‘Dead Accurate!’