Headphone Repair

Corpse Cable cut its baby teeth doing general headphone repair work, recables and re-terminations for a major online headphone company and we still gladly offer many of these services at our own facility.

Our team here at Corpse Cable can happily re-terminate the cable on your quality headphones to a different plug type or we can completely re-cable your audiophile headphones top to bottom as you wish. We are also pretty good at fixing the loose solder connections often found at the earcup housings or at the driver wiring junctions.

Please email us so we can troubleshoot the job needed for your particular headphones and determine what can be done. Keep in mind that as with most things in life, there are always a few caveats.

First off, not every broken headphone can actually be fixed – and some just don’t deserve to be. If you have a fairly inexpensive headphone under $100-$200, sometimes you’ll be better off buying a new one with a fresh manufacturer’s warranty given the not-significant repair expense. And if you unfortunately happen to have a blown driver in your headphones, you’re out of luck regardless of make or model. We also can’t do any new plastic-based repairs as those kind of parts are typically unsourceable for us.  And finally, we don’t repair any Beats By Dre or other Monster headphones.