HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC (UDAC)

HeadRoom Corporation

  • $1,994.00

Sorry, this product is no longer available; we left this page up for reference only.

An exquisitely liquid, organic and transparent audiophile experience awaits with this state-of-the-art Digital to Analog Converter. The Ultra Desktop DAC [aka 'The UDAC'] is a true balanced 'differential drive' design engineered around the superb ESS Sabre processor.

The Ultra Desktop DAC can receive digital feeds from three sources: USB input from any computer, digital coax input, and digital-optical S/PDIF input. The UDAC offers both balanced and single-ended outputs for full connectivity in any reference system.

Product Features:

  • Produces ultra high-fidelity balanced audio from all digital sources
  • Accepts all valid S/PDIF formats & rates; accepts USB to 16/44.1kHz
  • The front panel has an input selector, noise shaping filter selector, and lock lights
  • Excellent Astrodyne power supply and IEC cable included
  • Engineered and built-in Bozeman Montana USA - Manufactured in 2013

Excellent (like-new) condition!

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