Cardas GR∀EDIGGER Cables for Oppo / 20% OFF

The Corpse GraveDigger Cable is a potent piece of apostolic art for your cans.  Did we say art?  Um, yeah.  Just check the GraveDigger’s beautifully refined construction, graceful strain-relief work and baroque attention to detail for our artistically rendered sound and vision.  We’re kinda like humble Old Masters of cables, creating works of headphone cable art in our remote Montana mountain lab that allow music lovers to bathe in the pure musical light of their beloved cans.  OK, maybe that's a bit too much arty daydreaming.  But once you hear the Corpse Cable GR∀EDIGGER audio art in action for yourself, don't be surprised to have your own inscrutable Mona Lisa smile plastered across your face.