Corpse Cable GraveDigger for AudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl - (4-Pin XLR) - 10ft

Corpse Cable / Cardas Audio

  • $225.00

Since our Corpse Cable folks make the best balanced headphone cables in the industry, customers frequently ask us if pricey balanced-drive systems will really make a big difference in the sound of their particular headphones. Our answer usually mentions all the notable technical improvements of balanced-drive like a doubling of the amplifier slew rate and voltage swing (resulting in excellent dynamic quickness), plus a major reduction in THD and line crosstalk noise due to elimination of the common ground plane, among other audio benefits. Yet with all that scientific jargon being said, it’s also true that some headphones simply don't respond to balanced drive in the same way as others. The bottom line is simple: if you truly want to hear every last little tiny bit of audio performance from your favorite headphones, balanced drive listening is the way to go. Are the sonic improvements really worth the substantial costs? Only your ears can be the judge.

To make such difficult audiophile quandaries slightly easier to get your ears around, Corpse Cable here in Montana USA humbly offers our top-selling high-performance GraveDigger 10ft balanced 4-pin cord designed for headphones employing the smaller 2.5mm stereo L/R earcup connections. Compare our GR∀EDIGGER sound quality and superior build design to other aftermarket balanced cables at 2X to 3X our price and prepare to suddenly need to lie down for a bit. The Corpse Cable GraveDigger 10ft balanced 4-pin headphone cable for AudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl features a reference-grade Neutrik 4-pin gold plug with superb Eidolic 2.5 mm dual connectors into the headphones. We use Cardas Litz 4x24 wiring with fully shielded enameled copper conductors for all our GraveDigger lines. Everything is seamlessly joined with aquifer-pure superconductive Cardas eutectic solder. All GraveDigger terminations and connectors feature our always-perfect Corpse Cable strain relief work to ensure this 10-ft balanced headphone replacement cable lasts just as long as your beloved headphones. For easy channel reference, the headphone connector plugs show a bit of subtle red and black color identifying the right / left hook-ups.

If you're looking for a less expensive option for your AudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl headphones, check out our Corpse Cable Mogami braid design sold elsewhere on these pages employing the Mogami 2893 cable instead of Cardas.

Corpse Cable provides a limited, lifetime warranty on our GraveDigger Cable products, to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing.

Corpse Cable offers superbly well-made, affordable quality headphone replacement cables and upgrade cords along with a great array of audio adapters and interconnects. All Corpse Cable products are stringently manufactured and terminated by hand at their facility in Bozeman Montana USA.

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