Corpse Cable for Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 - (4-Pin XLR) - 10ft


  • $150.00

Hand-made balanced headphone replacement cable for Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 audiophile headphones. 10 ft total cable length.

Lovingly manufactured way up high in the mountains of Bozeman Montana, this Corpse Cable headphone replacement cable allows you to use your Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 headphones from any 4-pin balanced-drive headphone amplifier or audio source.

Naturally, Corpse Cable digs up only the best stuff for their proprietary headphone cable designs like the excellent-sounding Mogami 2893 braid, a solidly durable Neutrik 4-pin XLR plug, Eidolic 2.5 mm gold connectors and only super-clean Cardas solder for all joins. All terminations and connectors also feature some very nice strain relief work to ensure this upgraded headphone replacement cable lasts just as long as your beloved headphones. For easy channel reference, the headphone connector plugs show a bit of subtle red and black color identifying the right / left hook-ups. Excellent stuff as usual from our Corpse Cable crew!

All Corpse Cable Mogami Headphone Cables are fully guaranteed for 3 years against any defects in material parts or quality of workmanship.

Corpse Cable offers superbly well-made, affordable quality headphone replacement cables and upgrade cords along with a great array of audio adapters and interconnects. All Corpse Cable products are stringently manufactured and terminated by hand at their facility in Bozeman Montana USA.

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