Corpse Cable GraveDigger for Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 - 1/4" Plug - 10ft

Corpse Cable / Cardas Audio

  • $225.00

Here at Corpse Cable, we specialize in exhuming your favorite audiophile headphones from the grave. We dig ‘em up from their dead-sounding murk and Heimlich them into new musical life with our life-giving GraveDigger headphone cable.  The factory headphone cord that came with your high-end cans might be OK, but making great headphones sound even better is our singular Corpse Cable obsession. Our top-of-the-line Corpse Cable GraveDigger cord design is the ultimate result of many years of dedication to improving headphone sound and offers vastly better build quality and durability versus stock cords along with a superior clarity of tone and clearer detail intelligibility. Our fanatical attention to detail and intense quality control guarantees every GR∀EDIGGER cable is a perfect work of apostolic audio art that will make your headphones sing their happy song for a long time to come.

Made expressly for headphones employing the smaller 2.5mm stereo L/R earcup connections such as the Oppo PM-1 / PM-2, the Corpse Cable GraveDigger 10ft headphone cord is painstakingly built by hand high in the mountains near Bozeman Montana USA. This GraveDigger 10ft model has a superb Neutrik stereo 1/4” plug termination with dual Eidolic 2.5 mm connectors into the headphones. We use Cardas Litz 4x24 wiring with fully shielded enameled copper conductors for all our GraveDigger lines. Everything is seamlessly joined for life with super-pure Cardas eutectic solder. All terminations and connectors also feature our famous Corpse Cable strain relief work to ensure this upgraded headphone replacement cable lasts just as long as your beloved headphones. For easy channel reference, the headphone connector plugs show a bit of subtle red and black color identifying the right / left hook-ups.

If you're looking for a less expensive option for your Oppo PM-1 / PM-2 headphones, check out our Corpse Cable Mogami braid design sold elsewhere on these pages employing the Mogami 2893 cable instead of Cardas.

Corpse Cable provides a limited, lifetime warranty on our GraveDigger Cable products, to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing.

Corpse Cable offers superbly well-made, affordable quality headphone replacement cables and upgrade cords along with a great array of audio adapters and interconnects. All Corpse Cable products are stringently manufactured and terminated by hand at their facility in Bozeman Montana USA.

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