Corpse Cable GraveDigger for AudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl - 2.5mm TRRS Plug - 4ft

Corpse Cable / Cardas Audio

  • $175.00

With the recent popularity of balanced TRRS [Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve] plug connections sprouting up in some of the world’s best-sounding portable media players like the Astell&Kern Ak120, Ak240, Ak380 and Ak320 models, or the ONKYO DP-X1/DPX1A players, or the FiiO AM3, FIIO X5III, or the KANN, or the Rubato DP-S1-B or other similar balanced-output devices, we have noted a huge spike in demand for 2.5mm TRRS headphone cables from on-the-move audiophiles all over the world. Our Corpse Cable facility in Bozeman Montana USA strives to cover all the headphone cable bases for serious high-end audiophile listening. So no matter your favorite player device of choice, rest assured we have all your balanced headphone cable needs right here at Corpse Cable!

Designed expressly for headphones employing the smaller 2.5mm stereo L/R earcup connections such as the HAudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl, the Corpse Cable GR∀EDIGGER 4ft headphone cord with 2.5mm TRRS balanced plug is engineered and hand-built with the same painstaking attention to detail as our longer GraveDigger cables. This 4ft-long ‘mini-sized’ balanced headphone cable uses superb Eidolic 2.5mm TRRS source connectors hand-joined at our Corpse Cable Montana facility to Litz 4x24 wiring with fully shielded enameled copper conductors. Just like our other Corpse Cable GraveDigger designs, we use top Cardas eutectic solder and the uber-precise Cardas ‘Golden Ratio’ construction concepts for improved build quality versus any other headphone cords of this type. The L/R headphone connectors are excellent and very durable Eidolic 2.5 mm plugs ensuring an extra-solid connection directly into your headphones. The 4ft 2.5mm TRRS GraveDigger balanced cable is crowned with our own exclusive Corpse Cable strain relief work guaranteed to durably withstand the normal stresses of daily on-the-go listening use. The GraveDigger cord stays more flexible than Gumby on a long vacation thanks to a feather-light rubberized Alcryn outer sheath that minimizes extraneous cable noise and induced cord microphonics for that world-famous Corpse Cable “Dead Flat. Dead Quiet. Dead Serious” audio performance. For easy channel reference, the headphone connector plugs show a bit of subtle red and black color identifying the left / right hook-ups.

If you're looking for a less expensive option for your AudioQuest NightHawk / NightOwl headphones, check out our Corpse Cable Mogami braid design sold elsewhere on these pages employing the Mogami 2893 cable instead of Cardas.

Corpse Cable provides a limited, lifetime warranty on our GraveDigger Cable products, to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing.

Corpse Cable offers superbly well-made, affordable quality headphone replacement cables and upgrade cords along with a great array of audio adapters and interconnects. All Corpse Cable products are stringently manufactured and terminated by hand at their facility in Bozeman Montana USA.

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